vrijdag 8 maart 2013

Lama riding new slopes

As most of you know, Anthony put his focus back on the snowboarding world this season. He left for Flachau to teach freestyle lessons and help out as a shaper. In his spare time he is trying to do some extra shooting. This adventure keeps giving him new opportunities. He is making some new plans and wants to get involved in new projects.


 Life of Lamas has been a great experience for him! Many fun times with the other Lamas, little Lama became a world athlete and a lot more people then ever expected got interested in our blog! Anthony has always enjoyed himself making new posts to keep all our readers up to date!

Unfortunately he will be taking a new lama path from now on. Because of new projects he won't have enough time to spend on the life of lama's blog as he would like to. But don't worry! Anthony is gonna keep on riding and do things in the snowboard world so you will definitely keep hearing news from him!

zaterdag 16 februari 2013

Bad luck in Flachauwinkl!


As everyone was heading for the snow, Seppe decided to visit his brother in Flachau. Some shooting, some powder, some beer seemed like an awesome plan!
Seppe arrived last saturday and sunday the lama brothers got up early to go shooting!
After jumping twice Anthony had some speed issues on the last kicker and crashed. He had hurt his ankle badly!

Just a few minutes later he was brought down by the banana.


Two x-rays later the doctor explained it was a bone contusion. Nothing too bad like a fracture and all ligaments were still ok. But he wouldn't be able to get back on his board for at least a week! Walking on crutches for a couple of days, a lot of ice and some "Retardpills". Curious to find out what effect these will have on him !

This was a serious bummer for both Anthony and Seppe! The next day Seppe still found some company and went shooting in the Absolut park getting some sick shots on the big kicker. Anthony couldn't join Seppe on the mountain and wasn't able to do anything but rest his ankle. So Seppe decided to leave early and head to the French Alpes.
He took a flight on Wednesday after spending a fun night of good food and drinks in Flachauwinkl!

Next to Seppe leaving Anthony was also bummed out about not being able to compete in Absolut Parks Pop And Drop competition. Anthony's ankle is doing much better now but its not completely healed yet!
He'll have to take things easy the next couple of weeks!
Lets hope for some better luck on Seppe's next visit!

vrijdag 1 februari 2013

Busy start of 2013

Hello Lama-Lovers !
2013 obviously started out busy for all of the Lamas but from now on we are back on track.
Here is a small update from how the year started for some of the Lamas:

Bjorn is recovering very well from his broken back. He’s able to walk around again without too much pain ! With some luck and good training the doctors say he might be able to take his first snowboard runs again in April, fingers crossed !


Meanwhile on ‘snowboard contest island’ our little lama has been killing it ! short recap:
1st off, Seppe went to Copper for the grand prix. 4th place which was enough to get him a ticket for the Olympics next year !
2nd, Seppe had the FIS world champs, sketchy conditions in the slopestyle but a great 3rd place on the big air !

3rd, the big one, winter X-games in Aspen. Little lama landed his first BS triple cork 1440 on the big air which got him 4th place. Slopestyle went even better for him, landing a sick run and taking his first ever X-games bronze medal !
Up next: He’s now getting ready for the Air & Style in Innsbruck: make sure to follow it live tomorrow !
Air & style live stream

And more news from Flachauwinkl ! Anthony has been working as a shaper as well in the Absolut park. The 5 kicker line is now ready with all brand new kickers from last week, bigger, cleaner and so much fun !

The small pipe is also ready making the whole park 1 big playground !

A couple of weeks ago the Belgian Quiksilver team came over for a 3 day shoot. Such good times ! Great party, hangover kicker riding, powder sprays, cliff drops and 90’s music. All the pictures and the full story on this in the next Freeze magazine !

Expect to see more soon !